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Simple Living Blogs That Are Realistic And Practical

Simple Living

I really enjoy reading the many different takes on simple living.

Whether you’re a die-hard minimalist, or you’re just looking for ways to slow down and simplify your life a little, it’s great to hear from others who are also on the same path.

While there is a lot to learn from everyone on the simple living journey, lately I’ve particularly enjoyed reading simple living blogs from those who are on this adventure with kids in tow, so I’ve included some below.

Because, let’s be honest, it’s a completely different ball game!

Here are some great simple living blogs that share tips, tricks and resources that are both realistic and practical:

Smallish Blog

I discovered Smallish Blog via this article that immediately caught my attention:

Is Minimalism a Trend for the Rich?

It’s a response to an article about minimalism being a ‘fad’ for rich people. Definitely worth checking out!

As are the other articles about all things intentional living, how home-schooling is a form of simple living, small spaces and simple living with a family.

A Simple and Contented Life

The name of this blog alone, gives you ‘the warm and fuzzies’:

‘A place all about making family life LESS stressful and MORE enjoyable. A place for mums who are feeling the overwhelm and want to take back control.’

While there are also lots of amazing articles about intentional living and simplifying life, check out this post How to Make Life Simpler: Three Ways To Make Life Less Complicated for a great read.

Raising Simple

I found this site via this wonderful article Raising Simple: A New Approach To Thrive In Motherhood

A great blog about streamlining your home and simplifying life, all with a young family.

There are loads of great articles to read on this blog and also a wonderful book called Minimalism For Families: Practical Minimalist Living Strategies to Simplify Your Home and Life.

Simple Living

Simple Living blog is a great resource for all things slow living and creating an intentional life.

There are great resources and courses available, and this post in particular resonated with me, a guest post: Living a Life Less Ordinary.

It was a relatable post about making deliberate changes to live the life you want to live.

Kelly Exeter

While not entirely a simply living blog, per se, I couldn’t not mention this blog.

There are quite a few practical, simple living concept type blogs, but this article warranted a mention: How the ’empty shelf principle’ can help you fight overwhelm. What a great concept!

Paws And Pines

Paws and Pines is a minimalist green living blog, with a diverse range of eco-friendly tips.

Because one of the many advantages of living a slower, more intentional life is also becoming a more socially and environmentally minded individual.

Check out this post on Simple Ways To Help The Environment Without Spending Money, which is packed with tips I hadn’t ever considered before.

Money Minded Mom

Packed with frugal, simple living tips and tricks, this blog is great for when you want to simplify your household and your finances.

There are some great resources available and a comprehensive guide on Living Below Your Means – A Complete Guide

Slow Your Home

A young family currently travelling slowly. Sounds amazing right?

The Slow Your Home blog provides loads of great articles about a journey towards minimalism and slow living relationships – interesting!

There is also an accompanying podcast, if that’s more your thing.

Pastels and Macarons

This blog features loads of great organizing and cleaning tips, but it was this article that caught my eye: Minimalism 101: A Guide To Living Minimally Without Compromising On Style

Because it’s not all white-washed walls and minimal furniture, right?

A great article about finding your own comfort level with ‘minimalism’ and simplifying your life, while still enjoying a well styled home.

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