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7 Hacks to KEEP Your Home Clutter-Free

A clutter-free home is an ongoing task, so here are some easy hacks to help you to KEEP your home as clutter-free as possible and enjoy simple living.


Have you been making some great headway in your decluttering efforts?

Only for the clutter to start creeping its way around your home again?

Unfortunately, maintaining a clutter free home is not a one-time, set and forget activity.

But, the good news is that there’s some easy tips and tricks that can keep the clutter at bay:

1.  Know Your Kryptonite

We all have that one place (okay, maybe a few?) where the clutter always accumulates easily.

It might be the kitchen counter, the junk drawer or the kitchen table? Or is this just me?

The go-to areas of your home where you (or the family) tend to just dump things…telling yourselves that you will get to it later. Except you just add to it again tomorrow. And the next day.

These are your kryptonite zones on your decluttering journey.

Get to know them. Awareness is the first step.

2. Set New Boundaries

Set up some new boundaries around your decluttering kryptonite zones.

For example, the kitchen counter is a big one in our home.

To keep it free from clutter (as much as possible), I don’t let anything stay there for too long.

Each morning after breakfast is done, the aim is to have the kitchen counter cleared and wiped down. And again, after the dinner routine.

It takes effort at first, but once you’ve set up some new boundaries in your home, it will become habit.

And it will also help others in the home remember to put their stuff away, rather than add it to the usual clutter pile!

3. A Nightly Round-Up

At the end of the evening routine, it’s so tempting to crash in front of the tv.

But..before you do, take 10 minutes to do a quick clutter bust. It will be worth it.

Grab a laundry basket and throw in anything that is laying around the main areas of the home.

Sort them on the kitchen table and give each person a pile to put away.

Again, as everyone gets used to the new decluttering habits, you will find the amount of stuff left laying around at the end of the evening gets smaller.

4. A Shiny Ideas List

Have you been considering a new hobby? A new project to start? Or have you been wanting to buy a new gadget or item for the home?

Hold up!

Instead of adding more items and stuff to your home environment…stuff you ultimately have to find a place for within your home…..think on it a while longer.

Create a ‘shiny new ideas list’ either in an existing notebook, planner or journal.

Even a piece of paper on your pin up board will do.

As long as it’s a one-pager to keep it simple and in view.

Whenever you consider a potential new purchase or project idea, consider it a ‘shiny new idea’, a ‘shiny object syndrome (sos)’ or essentially just a distraction from your goal of having a clutter-free home and a simpler life.

Now, this isn’t to say that you shouldn’t buy or do what you love, but by keeping a list like this, you will see that some of these ideas lose their ‘shininess’ quite quickly, or that you still really want this object or idea.

Either way, you’ve created a one-page brain dump of your ideas and plans and then narrowed down what you truly want.

5. Keep Drop Boxes Handy

Declutter Labels

If you’ve checked out this post on How To Declutter Your Home Fast, you can see how you can sort your items into one of 4 boxes :

  1. Keep,
  2. Donate or Sell,
  3. Throw or Recycle,  
  4. Maybe

A great way to stay on top of these decluttering efforts is to keep a box marked ‘Donate or Sell’ & a box marked ‘Maybe’, easily accessible – possibly in your garage.

This way you can easily add to them as you pass by, not being tempted to let clutter accumulate.

For example, tried on those jeans again this morning? Just don’t look right?

Rather than throw them back in your wardrobe to deal with later, throw them in the ‘Donate or Sell’ box as you walk past the garage box.

Once the box is full, move it on…out of your home!

6. Stick to a 1 in/1 out Rule

This decluttering tip is really quite simple, but not always easy to remember to action.

For any new item that you purchase or receive into your home, be sure to make room for it in your home.

Give it a ‘home’ within your home and therefore, something else will need to be removed.

New clothes are a great example of this rule. When purchasing a new clothing item, have a think about what you are replacing from your wardrobe with this new item.

It makes you think about what you truly ‘need’ rather than just ‘want’ to buy on a whim and stops your wardrobe from exploding again.

7. Don’t Stock Pile ‘Stuff’

I am a total sucker for items on sale!

But I don’t buy items we don’t need, just loads of extra items of stuff we do use…eventually.

Apparently, this is almost as bad.

If mouth wash is 50% off, I must buy it. Even if we already have 2 bottles waiting to be used in the bathroom cupboard.

I would also have about 20 packets of gluten-free pasta in our pantry. Of course, it was on sale and would take us a year to use it, may then be out of date. But hey I saved some money, right?

It annoyed my hubby enormously and he would repeatedly attempt to explain that it was false economy – there was no actual saving there because the money was out of our bank account before it truly needed to be.

And that extra stuff in our panty essentially just became clutter. Urgh!

Therefore, the best way to avoid this is to shop only to your shopping list. If you don’t need something, don’t buy it.


Clutter Free – An Ongoing Task


Keeping your home clutter-free is on ongoing task that gets easier as you reduce what you bring into the home and how well you manage what you choose to hold on to.

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